Face recognition is the process or the method of recognizing faces based on their photos and videos and these systems are widely used in especially for law enforcement and caps.

The evolution of deep learning has made this kind of system possible using just some libraries like face recognition with python and that’s what we are discussing in this tutorial.

1. Installing The Environment

Before jumping to writing any code you have to install the IDE which is an abbreviation of Integrated Development Environment where you write your python code and run it.

There are a lot of python IDEs such as Pycharm, Jupyter…

How is our desperation to be ever-present and continually working a silent killer?

We are living in the 21st century, we are in an always-on world. It is hard to switch off from things such as technology. From the moment we wake up, we look at our device and see what has been happening overnight. Who decided to message us? What apps are asking for our attention? What tasks do we have tomorrow? What meetings do we have? What funny cat videos have my favorite meme page posted? It is always these ‘What’s going on’ style of questions.

Credit: Shuttershock

Always asking questions, always on the go. Our minds are continually going at highway speeds…


Oh! There’s plenty of money to make in it.

YouTube videos, articles and pop-up ads…They all glorify the idea of quitting a stable 9–5 job to set up a freelance business. Why slave for another when you can rake in millions, right?

And before you know it, you’ve risen to bait.

You’ve already started fantasizing.

You’ll be the boss. You’ll choose your working hours. Work from anywhere. Why go far? You’ve even counted the dollars you’ll make per month. The amounts you’ll save and all the exotic vacations you’ll take.

We feel bad to be the ones to break it…

What you are doing to the environment is as good as committing first-degree murder

Climate change. It has been ignored under the COVID mask of 2020.

We have been so rightfully focused on the pandemic; we have barely taken notice of the planet self-combusting around us.

Anemic-looking polar bears searching hopelessly for some much-needed nutrition, unable to get any.

Credit: wikstrom_photog on Mediastrumimages

Their ribs protruding, knowing their days are numbered due to the fact the habitat in which their prey live is near gone.

This is not the byproduct of constant poaching or hunting, oh no.

This is on you.

You may be surprised at the number of reasons you are contributing to climate change and global…

When the real world and the stressful coding world collide, what are the consequences for your emotions, job, and society?

Coding is a brutal machine. As rewarding as it can be, and as fun as it can be to learn in both an institutional and home environment, coding as a career whether it be freelance or for a company such as Google, is harsh AF.

Depending on where you live, it is not badly paid. Some coders say after around 5 years, they can expect to earn around 50k, which can continually go up. Companies such as Google generally treat their employees well too, with health benefits, free food, free gym membership and more. …

How Anti-Vaxxers Risk Dooming The Coronavirus Vaccine

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

The pandemic is nearly over, thank God. It’s been a hard slog. First, it caught us off guard; we were on the back foot. Governments scrambled to control the spread of the virus and the movement of people. But now, we’re on the offensive. We can FIGHT back. We have a vaccine.

There’s only one problem.

Anti-vaxxers are already discrediting the vaccines. They’re spreading their toxic blend of fear and panic. And like a tumor of pseudo-scientific nonsense, it’s growing.

Let’s establish one fact: vaccines work. DO NOT believe anyone who says otherwise. I call BS. These so-called anti-vaxxers aren’t…

There is no two ways about it. Coding is the way forward. The world NEEDS skilled coders and programmers to keep us moving, safe, efficient, connected, fed, entertained, and satisfied. Anyone who dares say that coding is an unnecessary profession has been living under a rock for the last seventy years.

Coders are no longer a bunch of nerds hitched up in Silicon Valley, they are highly skilled professionals who work for both themselves and some of the world’s biggest companies such as Google and Intel.

And when you see their sky-high salaries of $70k and upwards, you may think…

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